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Intersection Counts
Manual turning movement counts
Manual vehicle classification counts
Pedestrian volume counts
Vehicular gap studies

Road Tubes/Machine Counts
Vehicle volume survey
Vehicle speed survey
Vehicle classification survey
Vehicle gap survey

Saturation flow rate studies
Stop sign delay studies
Travel time surveys
Passenger car occupancy surveys


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News Letter
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Quality Counts
Online Ordering
Our sophisticated online database allows for real-time ordering of transportation counts.
Advanced Data Collection Techniques
Our well-trained and dedicated team uses the most advanced Jamar Data Collection Technology to collect accurate and dependable numbers that you and your clients rely on.
Video Collection
QC employs video camera technology to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of our surveying and coverage capabilities.
  • Web-based service ordering with personal service request, schedule, and cost email confirmations
  • Electronic delivery of all survey products in Microsoft Excel and/or Adobe PDF format
  • Web-based access to all previously ordered turning movement counts and other services
  • Availability of lane geometry and land use inventory sheets for each survey
  • Optional video record availability of conducted surveys
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