WEBINAR: Parking Studies

Mark Shields
June 25, 2024

No two parking studies are the same. Our team at Quality Counts has tested and utilized a variety of methods for clients ranging from municipalities and universities to airports, hospitals, and sports venues, each with their own unique challenges. Our suite of capabilities captures inventory, capacity, utilization, and turnover data with unmatched ease and flexibility. Join us for a 30-minute session that covers both classic and innovative methods of turning your parking patterns into useful datasets.

Mark Shields
As Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Mark is responsible for QC’s Proposal, Business Development, Marketing, and DataPoint Sales teams. Starting at QC as an Operations Manager, his project management experience involves methodology development, scoping, overseeing fieldwork tasks, data processing, and delivery for efforts ranging from small TIAs and neighborhood counts through state coverage programs and nationwide research projects.