WEBINAR: Drones in Data Collection

Tim Miller
June 25, 2024

Over the past several years, drones have become a disruptive technology in a number of industries including logistics, law enforcement, agriculture, oil & gas, and real estate. While the technology and regulations are barely out of infancy, they're already proving to be a powerful data collection and analysis tool for traffic and structural engineers. From parking studies and turning movement counts through elevation surveys and bridge inspections, Quality Counts is exploring how drones can benefit engineers, planners, and project managers. Our presentation takes you through the basics of what a drone is, current FAA regulations, the advantages of drone use over traditional methods of data collection, and how companies and public agencies can start making use of this exciting new technology.

Tim Miller
Tim Miller began his career at QC as a Field Technicians for the Charlotte, NC office and now serves the South Carolina market. He has a variety of experience performing every type of data collection that QC offers. Tim is also a FAA Part 107 licensed drone pilot and has performed over 100 hours of flight operations in the Carolinas. His drone experience includes flights performed for parking studies, complex interchange TMCs, queue/delay surveys and school operations studies.